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Stormwater Division

Statement of Function
The Stormwater Division is charged with reducing to the maximum extent practicable, the pollution of the Indian River Lagoon caused by stormwater runoff and base groundwater flow. It is also responsible for helping the County implement federally mandated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Permit goals. These goals are accomplished through the design, construction, and operation of regional stormwater pollution removal systems; education ; and fertilizer application, sediment, and erosion control enforcement and monitoring.

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2016/2017 Goals and Objectives

Design and Construction Related Activities

  • Design, bid, and replace the No. 1 conveyor system at PC Main Screening System
  • Modify three inlet channel divider walls at PC Main Screening System to facilitate ease of operation and increase efficiency
  • Continue a pilot plant study for a regional aquatic plant based nutrient removal facility and begin preliminary system layout and design
  • Complete design of Osprey Acres Floway and Nature Preserve
  • Begin construction of Osprey Acres Floway and Nature Preserve
  • Complete design of the North and South Relief Canal Excavator System for water lettuce and debris removal
  • Construct and begin operation of the North and South Relief Canal Excavator System for water lettuce and debris removal
  • Complete 45th Street Oyster Reef design in conjunction with Coastal Engineering
  • Construct 45th Street Oyster Reef in conjunction with Coastal Engineering
  • Continue monitoring water quality on the Indian River Farms Water Control District's North, South, and Main Relief Canals

Stormwater Education and Fertilizer Enforcement Related Activities

  • Continue to educate citizens and businesses, and enforce the Fertilizer Ordinance County-wide, including the City of Vero Beach and the Town of Indian River Shores.
  • Begin educational promotions for Agricultural runoff and Equine manure.
  • Update and continue to show on the County government television channel, the video program presenting PC Main Screening System, Egret Marsh Stormwater Park, and Spoonbill Marsh.  Add Osprey  Marsh Nutrient Removal Facility.
  • Continue inserting a stormwater anti-pollution message in every other issue of the County's monthly employee newsletter.
  • Continue to channel illicit discharge reports to the proper department staff.
  • Continue to present Enviroscape Model to schools, clubs, and camps in the County, encouraging stormwater pollution prevention.
  • Host the "Let's Chalk About It: A Healthy Lagoon" chalk contest at another environmental event.
  • Further educate County employees on the Fertilizer Ordinance and stormwater pollution, including the IDDE certification course.
  • Further the "IRC Summer Camp for a Sustainable Future" to a larger group of middle schoolers.
  • Create a "Stormwater Academy" for adults to learn more about stormwater and County efforts to reduce pollution to the Lagoon.
  • Engage local pet businesses and veterinary offices in the Dog Poop Pledge to educate reducing nutrient loads to the Lagoon.
  • Enhance public stormwater education activities.

Stormwater Pollution Control Activities

  • Continue operation and maintenance of PC Main Screening System.
  • Continue operation and maintenance of Egret Marsh Stormwater Park.

Stormwater Enforcement Related Activities

  • Continue to implement Best Management Practices at roadway projects, commercial projects, salvage yards, industrial facilities, residential developments, construction sites, and dewatering projects during site inspections.
  • Continue to work with County Surveyor to identify and map priority-screening areas and locate unpermitted outfalls.
  • Continue to work to reduce erosion and sedimentation into County MS4 conveyance systems, waters of the state, and Florida Outstanding waterways.
  • Operate and maintain Egret Marsh Stormwater Park and PC Main Screening System to reduce pollution to the Indian River Lagoon and to comply with TMDL limits.
  • Enforce the County Fertilizer Ordinance.
Please do not call this office - Please call the Road and Bridge Division at 772-226-3970